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GameDa - An Interactive Fun App in Augmented Reality

A promise of endless fun and activity for kids.


GameDa - Interactive 3D 

Fact 1: - Children love to play with toys and dolls - that is unquestionable. But most toys within the reach of the common man are inanimate objects and lifeless. 

Fact 2: - Kids of today are very comfortable with mobile phones, even more so than adults, and spend most of their playing hours with a game on a device. 

GameDa is an interactive app for 3D characters that merges these two facts to create a world where children can actually command the dolls to action - walk, run, fight, idle and pose. 


Children User Friendly

GameDa is very comfortable for use by kids. We found that kids pick up all the elements of the game within the space of a few minutes. 
What makes it special for children is that they can take their favourite character, dinosaur or animal for a walk or run throughout the house, stop to rest and fight in between. 
They can even shoot pictures or videos with the dolls. This really unleashes their creativity.


A Vast Treasure Chest

GameDa offers two human characters - a boy and a girl. Each has over a dozen clothes that kids can change with the click of a button. 
It also has 10 animals and 10 dinosaurs now, and we will be adding more animals, dinosaurs, birds, and fish in the near future. 
Each of these have about 30 differentmovements to choose from, and this promises endless fun.

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