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GlamAR - Fashion in Augmented Reality

Glamorous Fashion Shows Anywhere



Videos and images have become stale. Consumers are bombarded by so many advertisements each day that they have become immune and no longer actually register anything although they may be seeing them.
Our fashion app in augmented reality changes that with sheer glamour. Who wouldn't like to view live models in a fashion show only for their eyes?



Advertisers can decide how to present their content, what models to choose and how their garments should be showcased.
We offer models of any ethnic region to showcase the clothes, and the garments will drape and move according to the material - cotton, jeans, silk etc.



GlamAR enables a live show to take place anywhere a user chooses. They can also view the experience any number of times they wish without internet usage after the first download.
All they need is a mobile phone.
They can also purchase a garment right from our app itself.

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