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Fashion Advertising in Augmented Reality

Imagine a fashion show in the comfort of your home, in your living room, bedroom or anywhere, with handsome and beautiful models showcasing clothes chosen by you.

How cool can that be?

Welcome to GlamAR - the first mobile app to showcase Fashion in Augmented Reality. 


Interactive Dolls

GameDa - the first app for interactive dolls in augmented reality.
Our app will bring tons of fun to kids. The dolls are interactive and can walk, run, fight, pose and much more. 


AR on the Web

There are several use cases where advertisers and companies require adding more value to their print advertising, and even on visiting cards. 

InstAR is our solution to enable users to view their products as 3D models instantly on their mobile phones.


Short Movies

The Mirage - the first Kannada short movie to be viewed exclusively on mobile phones. 

The apps that we develop are currently for Android and iOS mobile platforms. In the future, we will be developing content to be viewed directly on Smart Glasses and Mixed Reality devices such as Hololens 2 and Magic Leap. 

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