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Our Services

Welcome to the next redefining revolution in advertising -
Experiential Advertising in Alternate Reality.

We offer the best in cutting edge technology to deliver your advertisements on alternate reality platforms.
We create a mobile app or an instant app unique to your company or brand for all your advertising in alternate reality.
We will handle the entire lifecycle of your advertisements in alternate reality - right from creation of the advertisements, development of a unique instant app and hosting the project to ensure super fast delivery to your end users and consumers.

Augmented Reality

Experiential Reality Advertising

Showcase and dazzle with interactive 3D models of your products on the Celestasi BrowsAR app or the app that we brand for you. Update and change your campaign in line with your advertising in the physical world.

Watch your advertisements and experiences come alive in the place that users are most comfortable in - their own space!

Studies have proven that people buy more when they are at their most comfortable, and they have chosen to see the advertisement.

In an world full of jaded advertising that does not interest anyone anymore, Celestasi offers a novel and fresh approach - advertising in experiential reality.

Instant App

Unique Instant App

We bundle your alternate reality ads into a unique Instant App through which you will be able to stay connected always with your users and clients with push notifications.

Your Instant App will work even when there is no connection - It is a proven fact that users interact more often and view offline content for longer durations. This is a massive advantage indeed!

We offer each campaign a unique space on any device - your Instant App. Go for the full alternate reality package.